Vinit is an Architect/Artist based in Frankfurt-Mumbai. His practice oscillates between artistic impulses engaging with ontological questions exploring form, space, time, architecture, image, figure, ground, etc and philosophical / poetic aspirations of investigating epistemological lenses that define varied modes of subjectivity, being, identity, perspectives and movement. Assuming a multi-disciplinary position that mediates through varied analog (text, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation) as well as digital (immersive VR worldbuilding, AR/XR applications, photogrammetry, computational / generative art) mediums and formats, his work seeks to construct apparatuses and narratives that examine closely and expose the structures / mechanisms of perception, cognition, consciousness, identification, language, translation, desire, embodiment, corporeality and other such ‘reality-constitutive components’ of a particular Subject(s)’ mode of Being or Navigation, in time and space. Oriented towards working with different ways or acts of representation, he is interested in an engagement with seemingly dialectical categories such as digital-analogue, representation-real, shape-form, image-drawing, machine-human, body-mind, object-subject, etc while simultaneously radically subverting them, he values/fancies occupying the gaps between such seemingly paradoxical positions. All gestures principally are driven by political motivations to chart and speculate deterministic and transgressive procedures / potentialities, towards radical emancipation, inclusivity, and solidarity.

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