This site is an archive of my selected works, notes, ideas, curiosities, affinities and investigations.

Not so much a strict curation, but a stockpile of projects floating between art, architecture, theory, and philosophy.

Works trying to figure out the fundamental question,

What is to be done?

︎ Paper Pavillion

A modular structure constructed, in using light sustainable materials such as cardboard, plywood and agronite cloth sheet.

︎ Fairytales

︎ HomeHome is a digital Media Installation, based around the questions - of identity, of racial politics and gender.

︎ Nordic Landscapes

︎ Urban Regeneration

︎ What kind of a house would Jim Morrison want?

︎ The Wandering Beasts Drawing from a quote by Maxim gorky: “Hell is very badly done”, here is an attempt at imagining what would hell look like

︎Mapping Mumbai in the times of Ambedkar

︎Calculated risks (for the praise of mathematics)
A thought experiment on the relationship between mathematics and space, desperately waiting to be revisited.

︎ Geometries in Transition
formseeking whilst becoming. 


For the last 2 years I have been making paintings, neither professionally nor commercially, but just for the sake of exploring the medium and mere interest in shapes, using things I find on street like cardboard, paper, mdf, wooden sheets, used frames, ikea shelves or planks etc. Experiments in painting have immensely informed my ideas and other works.

︎Floating signifiers

︎Form Exquisite



︎What is the shape of your ignorance?


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Masters Portfolio

Mostly I am interested in Shapes