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Iceland Trekking Cabins Competition

︎︎︎ Junior Architect - Studio Eight Twenty Three
︎︎︎ Competition Team - Samir Raut, Deepshikha Jaiswal, Vinit Dharia.

A modular system originating for a designed “Kit of parts” which sits within its custom structural fram work which can adapt to different geographical contexts and landscapes across Iceland. The cabin is envisioned as a module which becomes an oasis of sorts in the temperamental landscapes of Icceland, designed to provide long term comfort for trekkers in the area.

The materials employed are locally available and easy to transport. Wood, in various processed forms becomes the main material of building allowing quick assembly. The structure maintains adaptability in design to fit into all sorts of terrain and ground or weather condition.

The construction of the structural grid forms the main support for the modules which are made of cross laminated wooden members measuring 2m by 2m, with mild steel details forming the joints at the junctions which hold them together. The structure of the framework and the modules are clad with blackened wood known to protect itself from harsh and varying climatic conditions hence lessening maintenance, and the interiors are of the cabins are clad with lighter wood.