The Morrison Motel


︎︎︎ 2nd year B.Arch - Architecture Design Project
︎︎︎ Studio Tutors: Mangesh Jadhav, Shirish Joshi, Simon Samuel, Monish Talpade.
︎︎︎ Brief: To select an Artist and design a House for him/her which best represents their personality.

I chose Jim Morrison an American singer, songwriter and a poet best remembered as the lead singer of The doors. Due to his lyrics, wild personality and performances, he is regarded as one of the most iconic and influential frontmen in rock music history. Morrison was a Dionysian, he believed in chaos and had Rebellious traits. He was a heavy drinker and a drug addict. He wrote spoken word poetry, and considered everyone as slaves and himself as the Lizard King. He considered himself as a shaman, a healer of the community. And was also fascinated by the idea of death. He died at the age of 27 with probably heroine overdose, but the exact cause of death is still disputed. So the question is, How would Jim’s Morrison’s house be?