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Metamorphosis of Narcissus


︎︎︎ Digital Painting (Print available).
︎︎︎ Exhibited in “Narcissism and Social interaction” Group Show, curated by Parashar Naik at Clark House Initiative Exhibition Space. (5 July 2017 -5 August 2017)

''A pale Daffodil flower (narcissus poeticus) was born on the side of the lake, in the exact place where Narcissus died, after falling in love with his own reflection and losing all of his will to live. Captivated by his own beauty, Narcissus became completely submissive to his destruction and was metamorphosed into a flower. The resurrected daffodil, which is as beautiful as the dead Narcissus is said to contain within its corona, the tears of the narcissus, and is seen drooping down in the lake just like him. The flower is the new Narcissus. The flower here symbolizes the simulation that outlives the real and kills it. The simulation which becomes more real than the real itself. And stands strong. Today we live in a simulacra, a hyper mediated schizophrenic culture, where one is continuously bombarded with spectacular imagery and trends, compelled to participate in the social media circus. Every aspect of the social cultural or political life is structured in a particular manner, a highly individualistic one, so as to serve the capitalist and consumerist agendas. One becomes an involuntary prisoner of the high definition camera and the gaze of every face behind that camera. The body of the Narcissus is dead ages ago, and has disappeared without receiving any regret or condolences. We all are the metamorphosed flowers celebrating our pretty faces in carnivalesque way, completely soaked in our unapologetic vanity.''

Details from the painting: