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Architecture of Structures


︎︎︎ 3rd Year B.Arch - Architecture Design Project
︎︎︎ Studio Tutors: Mangesh Jadhav, Shirish Joshi, Simon Samuel, Monish Talpade
︎︎︎ Brief: Mumbai which reflects the identity of the city.

A Toll Plaza is the first thing you see when you enter any city. It is a gateway and should reflect the city’s character. Determining the ‘’Identity’’ of a city like Mumbai, is challenging, it being a kinetic city, a city under constant flux and movement of flows. The idea was to reflect this kinetic nature and make it the factor that determines this identity; A toll naka, that is constantly mechanically moving. Cars that enter and leave the city were chosen as a trigger for this movement. A huge monster that sits on the bridge then becomes the gateway to this organism that is Mumbai.

Motion is generated using a Hydraulic drive system, which works under the pressure of hydraulic fluid. When a Car crosses the Naka, it moves over the speed breakers which are connected to a piston that creates a pressure in the underground oil tank. The liquid in the tank rises upwards through the pipes which makes the roof move.