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︎︎︎ 2nd Year B.Arch - Interior Design Project
︎︎︎ Studio Tutors: Anshu Chaudhari, Prashant Prabhu.
︎︎︎ Brief: Designing Interiors of an existing corner plot - Cafe Library.


The idea was to have something that is not actually a furniture. Not to restrict an object to a determined function. Can there be an object that can have multiple meanings? multiple interpretations? And thus, maximum utility? Can design be so flexible to accomodate different usages? No chair, No table, No shelf, No sofa. Everything is designed like a sculpture which behaves like a furniture when needed and can be utilized in some or the other way for different purposes like seating, reading, leaning on, eating or storing things. The initial idea was based on the concept of ‘folies’ by Bernand Tschumi but the focus was on the study of Anthropometrics and Ergonomics.