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Sporadically Asked Questions (SAQ)

●      SAQ is an archive of Sporadically Asked Questions.
●      Or it is a collection of Silly Amusing Questions.
●      Or may be a repository of Spontaneous Absurd Questions.
●      Or it is a list of really Stupid Annoying Questions.
●      SAQ can be a very Specific Architectural Query.
●      It can be a Short Answer Question, which is open-ended requiring the recipients to create an answer.
●      SAQ can be that which is Sometimes Answered Quickly.
●      Or it can be a Serious Artistic Question.
●      A Sublime Abstract Quality, or something else that sounds artsy and intellectual.
●      Or a Simply Amazing Quotation, stated casually.
●      SAQ can be Something Absolutely Quasi.
●      May be it is a Self Assessment Questionnaire.
●      Or may be SAQ is just SAC spelled incorrectly.
●      Is SAQ the subconscious of SAC.
●      Or is it an alter ego of SAC.
●      Is SAQ a revolution in the disguise of SAC.
●      SAQ is an evil twin of SAC, or a disobedient clone of it.
●      SAQ is a tool for the deinstitutionalization of SAC
●      SAQ is a democratic place where one can say what they actually feel like, without feeling burdened of any sort of pressure.
●      It is that one question which you write down in the book, but don’t ask in class because you don’t feel confident enough.
●      It is that one question which is not yet formulated, but is begging for articulation.
●      A place to chill and do nothing, just hang out. Peace!
●      A serious study group, somewhat like a theory class, but without professors.
●      A radical collective with some political agendas, aiming to bring out some change.
●      An excuse to get to know each other and spend some quality time together.
●      SAQ is a manifesto
●      SAQ is a base for making cool looking intimidating zines.
●      An informal platform for coming together to have conversations and gossip? Keeping it casual.
●      A stage to perform, a place to do what you want to.
●      SAQ is the excitement you feel after watching Ghost in the Shell.
●      SAQ is the confusion that gets created after you read Eisenman.
●      SAQ is the empty wall above your table, waiting for something to be pinned up.
●      SAQ is an attitude
●      Quick quit quiet quality
●      SAQ is in SAC.
●      SAQ is in the Studio
●      SAQ is in the Attic.
●      SAQ is in the Corridors
●      SAQ is in your Mind.
●      SAQ is on the midlanding.
●      SAQ is in the Lounge, when you are waiting for the cold pizza to get ready in the oven.
●      SAQ is when you are in queue for taking food in the Mensa.
●      SAQ is in some of the shelves of the Library.
●      SAQ is in the store box number 6 of the Computer pool stack of the printer in the Computer Lab.
●      SAQ is one of the objects lying on your table.
●      SAQ is in the folder in which you carry all your readings.
●      SAQ is that one empty chair in a theory class.
●      SAQ stands between the broken wall, that connects SAC to Städelschule.
●      SAQ is a rebellion that comes up with a responsibility.
●      SAQ is when you ask a question sporadically.
●      SAQ is when you are drunk.
●      SAQ is when you consciously dress a bit weirdly making others look at you and wonder.
●      SAQ is when you buy a coffee.
●      SAQ is when the weather is just perfect.
●      SAQ is when you are receiving crits on your design presentation.
●      SAQ is when you are doubting your decisions and reconsidering them.
●      SAQ is when you are waiting for a render to get done.
●      SAQ is when you thinking out loud, Loud enough for everyone to hear.
●      SAQ is when you are putting on paper what is in your head.
●      SAQ is when someone speaks to you in German and you don’t understand shit.
●      SAQ is when someone asks a really stupid question, so stupid that everyone totally judges that person
●      SAQ is when
●      SAQ is when you are dancing in a party arranged by art students.
●      SAQ is when you are dancing in a party where you are not invited actually.
●      Because of the joblessness
●      Because of the desire to produce.
●      Because of the inspiration from collectives such as Archigram, Superstudio, Anarchitecture group, etc
●      Because SAQ is the shizzz yo!

It is everything and nothing out of these. It is everywhere or nowhere out of these. It is every time or never during these.