︎︎︎ History and theory class notes from the first year theory sessions with Johan and Yara


Medium is the message, thus one must take into account the tools, techniques, methods, devices and softwares responsible for producing the discourse. The medium is not just the tool but itself is the discourse. Once done acknowledging the importance of technology and the fact of it being intrinsically associated with knowledge, data or thought, that it carries, stores and produces, one must reflect back upon and rethink one’s approach towards the exponentially developing technology that surrounds us, or rather engulfs us. It seems that we have arrived at a state where the technology that we use subscribes to a post orthographic way of thinking, a realm of electric automation that surpasses linear thought and throws us in an unfamiliar zone of probabilities and multiplicities that are continuously speculated producing a schizophrenic effect. The only way to retain sanity in such a time, at the risk of being perceived as a conservative prick, is to: Resist the idea that everything is already an Image. Resist being reduced to just a pixel. Resist moving ahead of orthography. Resist seeing only what is shown to you. Resist the idea that drawing by hand is passé. Resist the thought that one cannot draw anymore. Resist becoming machines. Resist automation. Resist being driven and consumed completely by technologies that surround us. Resist technology becoming an organic extension of being. Resist the arrival of a technological singularity. Resist thoughtlessness. Only then one can produce a meaningful discourse in a context where everything is almost already an Image. Almost.