Urban Regeneration


︎︎︎ 3rd Year Architecture Design Project
︎︎︎ Studio Tutors: Rohit Shinkre, Mangesh, Hemal Biscuitwala, Monish Talpade
︎︎︎ Brief: To regenrate a defunct site in Mumbai, which is not optimally responding to its context.

Of all the organisms that the city is made of, only those survive and sustain which are alligned to the logic of it. There are organisms which tend towards challenging and reshaping the logic under the name of speculation, growth or progress. Occasionally these speculations trip off, bringing about an unstoppable exponential growth, the elasticity is lost and the graph of growth moves towards the breaking point. This leads to the death of the organism, urban regeneration can occur only when the graph is seen as a sinusoidal one. The dead skeleton that stands now needs to be inserted with a tactical program that helps it build up its flesh and bring it back to life.