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                ︎An Obituary for the Frame

                ︎The Spectre of Dialectics


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                ︎Cyborg Architecture - A case of Leakage


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                ︎Iceland Trekking Cabins Design

                ︎Bricolage Collaborative


                ︎Mapping Mumbai in the times of Ambedkar

                ︎Metamorphosis of Narcissus


                ︎Staging a schizoid performance

                ︎Housing in Mumbai Metropolitan Region
                ︎Institutional Housing

                ︎Architecture of Structures

                ︎Emotive qualities of Landscape

                ︎Urban Regeneration

                ︎The Morrison Hotel

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                ︎Wandering Beasts

                ︎Lapod documentation

                ︎The Folded City

Slide show

An ongoing contemplation upon the idea and the nature of a ‘Slide’, and the act of Sliding.

A playground slide is a site for a seemingly nonsensical, or even irrational, act of repetition, of going up by climbing up the ladder on one side in order to slide down from the other, all done for no practical reason or purpose, other than it being purely for the sake of a childish pleasure. A specific form of enjoyment that is beyond the conventional notion of the Pleasure Principle, like Freud's fort-da game, a process of gaining control and ascendending followed by a moment of submission by letting go.The narrative of Sisyphus, a figure of Greek mythology who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again, also relies upon this repetitive act of going up only to come back down. Albert Camus while addressing this narrative to highlight the absurdity of man's life concludes by saying that the struggle itself... is enough to fill a man's heart. And one must imagine Sisyphus happy".

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