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Staging a Schizoid performance


︎︎︎ Bachelor’s Thesis and Dissertation Project - Academy of Architecture
︎︎︎ Thesis Guide: Rohit Shinkre

︎︎︎Subject of Research

Schizophrenia and the Schizoid condition of the society in today’s hyper mediated capitalist cultural milieu:

Schizophrenia is a condition of the mind that is characterized by a split from reality and generally exhibits symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations. This condition occurs as result of a glitch in the information moving from the senses to the mind, resulting in a distorted perception. Such a mind has a fragmented experience and thus a disordered and disjunct understanding of the actual. In the case of a patient having schizophrenia, the glitch is present in the cerebral setup and the neurotransmitter pathways that transmit information to the brain. Similarly, there exists a glitch in the information flows that we deal with on an everyday basis, thus the environment we live in today lands up simulating a schizoid experience to each one of us, making our condition analogous to that of a schizoid. Since we live in a hyper mediated and a highly technocratic context surrounded by gadgets and devices, we are continuously bombarded with highly simulated information at insane rates and speeds. Fredric Jameson states in ‘Post Modernism and Consumer Society’ (1983); Schizophrenic experience is an experience of isolated, disconnected, discontinuous material signifiers, which fail to link up into a coherent sequence. The schizophrenic thus does not know personal identity in our sense, since our feeling of identity depends on our sense of the persistence of the “I” and the “me” over time. Likewise, in today’s times, we witness an explosion of information resulting in our inability to cope with it and process that information. Schizophrenia is nothing but this lag which is created when the human mind is not able to cope up