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                ︎An Obituary for the Frame

                ︎The Spectre of Dialectics


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                ︎Cyborg Architecture - A case of Leakage


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                ︎The New Object

                ︎Laboratory for perfidity and sensuality

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                ︎National Memorial Design

                ︎Iceland Trekking Cabins Design

                ︎Bricolage Collaborative


                ︎Mapping Mumbai in the times of Ambedkar

                ︎Metamorphosis of Narcissus


                ︎Staging a schizoid performance

                ︎Housing in Mumbai Metropolitan Region
                ︎Institutional Housing

                ︎Architecture of Structures

                ︎Emotive qualities of Landscape

                ︎Urban Regeneration

                ︎The Morrison Hotel

                ︎Visitors Centre

                ︎The Connector


                ︎Wandering Beasts

                ︎Lapod documentation

                ︎The Folded City



︎︎︎ Rundgang Exhibition 2020 - Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC)
︎︎︎ Studio Tutors: Professor Johan Bettum (Studio leader), Yeon Joo Oh ( Research Associate) , Stefan Wieland (Tutor)

This project is a continuation of the project ‘Architecture of the Enclosure’
Labyrinthine is a radical reconfiguration of Palmengarten. In which the gaze of an observer who visits the Palmenhaus is used to implode the garden. The Fold immanent in observer’s perception and vision is instrumentalized and mirrored onto the garden space, leading to its fragmention, unfolding, unwrapping and an eventual collapse, a break down into an cubist mess which tries to accommodate the spatio temporality of the corporeal subject. When the newly warped space of garden is materialized, the Garden becomes a Labyrinth, disorienting the subject making it loosen its grasp on space, thus decentring it and throwing it outside of its ownposition. The subject achieves a disinterested view & the circumscribing enclosure of the garden recoils into attaining an objecthood, thus not only revealing and challenging, but subverting the status quo of its existing power relations.