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The connector


︎︎︎ 2nd Year B.Arch - Architecture Design Project
︎︎︎ Studio Tutors: Mangesh Jadhav, Shirish Joshi, Simon Samuel, Monish Talpade
︎︎︎ Brief: Designing Ferry terminals on two sides, the Versova and the Madh, divided by Malad creek, thus connecting them programmatically.

The idea of connectivity is explored metaphorically, by inserting a massive & completely alien idea into the local context. Two huge (15m x 15m) wireframe Metal boxes are placed on both sides, each installed with Led lights, programmed with a design code which generates different light patterns continuously alongwith emitting robotic glitchy sounds, which sometimes compliment and sometimes contradict the light. It seems as if the two boxes, are trying to have a conversation between each other through light and sound. They always seem to argue, but sometimes they agree. You are a mere spectator, of this surprising madness. Even you become a part of the conversation, when you start reacting to it, talking about it, interpreting it, making stories and myths about it. There remains this constant feeling in the background, the whole idea that, something is going to happen! But you are not sure what? Both the boxes stop functioning after a month, one remains like a sculpture on the madh island. The other opens up to form a spaceframe and sits above the versova jetty as a memory of the event.