Characters generated using Midjourney 

Animation generated using AI Frame Interpolation on Runway.ml

Motion interpolation is a form of video processing technique in which intermediate animation frames are generated between existing ones by means of interpolation (a type of estimation, a method of constructing new data points based on the range of a discrete set of known data points), in an attempt to make animation more fluid, to compensate for display motion blur, and for fake slow motion effects. The method is usually used for videos with lower frame rates / refresh rates to better the visual quality or generate transitions, and the input images are supposed to be contiguous for a realistic result. However, here the Frame Interpolation is used to produce a transition two completely different characters producing weird effects, as if they are mutating, transforming, dissolving

Characters generated using Disco Diffusion (DD), a Google Colab Notebook leveraging AI Image generating CLIP-Guided Diffusion technique:

Characters generated using Stable Diffusion (SD), a latent diffusion model (LDM), a kind of deep generative neural network, using text to image sampling script:

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